Great Balls of Fire! Fireball Performance Camaros Are Hotter Than a Mississippi Summer


If you’ve shopped the latest generation Camaro SS and ZL1 and feel you want more power under the hood, Fireball Performance will happily build you a tire-smoking Fireball 700 or Fireball 900.

For $15,999, Fireball Performance will take your 2SS Camaro and transform it into a Fireball 700. This package will elevate the muscle under your hood to 720 horsepower. This package includes goodies such as a front splitter, 1,200 cfm ProCharger, and 20×9-inch wheels up front and 20×10.5-inch wheels out back. And according to Fireball Performance, you can purchase a Camaro 2SS and a Fireball 700 package for less than the price of a Camaro ZL1. And did we mention the Fireball 700 package will give your 2SS 70 more horses under the hood than a stock ZL1?

There’s also a Fireball 900 package that will propel your Camaro into the stratosphere. This package will transform your Camaro into a 900 horsepower beast on wheels. The Fireball 900 includes an arsenal of firepower under the hood including ported heads, custom cam kit, and long tube headers. This package adds a whopping 445 horsepower to the Camaro SS. The package retails for $43,999.

Both packages are available for 2016 model year and up Chevrolet Camaros.

Check out for more info and ordering details.

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