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1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt – The Return of a Legend


When car guys get together and talk cars, you can bet the subject will eventually turn to their favorite car chase movie. Many will say Smokey and the Bandit. Others will say Vanishing Point. Most will say the best car chase ever filmed was in the movie Bullitt. Read the rest of this entry


The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt: A Legend 50 Years in the Making


Fifty years ago, movie goers watched Steve McQueen chase a couple of hitmen through the streets of San Francisco in the movie “Bullitt”. McQueen’s Ford Mustang GT eventually runs the bad guys’ Dodge Charger off the road where it crashes into a gas station and explodes in a massive fireball. That nine minute, 42 second car chase is one of the most memorable ever filmed. McQueen may have been the star of the movie but his 1968 Ford Mustang GT took center stage during the chase. Read the rest of this entry