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1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird


1970 Plymouth Superbird Front Side #2

The year was 1969. Plymouth had just lost one of its best NASCAR drivers. Richard Petty, believing that Plymouths were no longer competitive on the track, joined forces with Ford for the 1969 racing season. During his 11-year involvement with Plymouth, Petty had won two national championships and 101 victories, 92 of them courtesy of Plymouth. Now, Plymouth really wanted to get him back. In an effort to win back Petty’s loyalty, they created one of the most radical cars to ever race on a NASCAR track. Created by the same team that produced the Dodge Daytona, an 18-inch aerodynamic nose cone was placed on the front and a sweptback wing was fashioned on the rear of the Road Runner. Dubbed the Superbird, this car was ready to take flight around the speedways and take on the best that Chevy and Ford had to offer. Did the effort pay off? You bet it did! The Superbird was just what Plymouth needed to lure Petty back. Read the rest of this entry