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2006 – 2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8


All-New 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 World Debut

Muscle car wagons are just about as rare as hen’s teeth. The fact is, not that many have ever been built. A current example that comes to mind is the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon. Heck, even Chevrolet slapped an SS badge on the Chevelle wagon back in 1973. And just like Rodney Dangerfield, these cars don’t get much respect among muscle car purists. However, one muscle car wagon built in recent years seems to have won over a legion of followers during its brief existence. That car is the Dodge Magnum SRT-8. Think of it as a car with a bit of a split personality. It can be a grocery-getter by day and look great cruising around town at night.

In this edition of the Muscle Car Showcase, we’ll take a look at the 2006 – 2008 Dodge Magnum SRT8. A car that brought the cool factor and a little swagger back to driving a wagon.  A car with muscle car looks and performance yet versatile enough for hauling around lumber and tools for those home improvement projects. The Magnum was the best of both worlds. A car that didn’t compromise on performance yet earned its keep by having the ability to haul over 71 cubic feet of cargo. Read the rest of this entry