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Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pontiac


Pontiac Emblem

What brand is more synonymous with muscle cars than Pontiac? Before Peter Estes, John DeLorean, and Bunkie Knudsen took over the make, it has been said that General Motors wanted to discontinue the marque. It goes without saying these men definitely turned things around and transformed Pontiac into one heck of a performance powerhouse. Cars from the 1960s like the Grand Prix, Firebird, and GTO will forever be known for speed and performance. Even in the Malaise Era of the 1970s, Pontiac continued to produce exciting cars such as the Trans Am and LeMans Can Am. For most of us, seeing Burt Reynolds drive that black Trans Am out of the back of the Snowman’s semi still gives us chills. Even in our crazy economy, Pontiacs can command six and seven figures at auctions and classified listings. Read the rest of this entry