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Modern Day Limited Production Supercars


Limited production supercars have been around since the days that Don Yenko, Mr. Norm, and Baldwin-Motion turned a wrench, worked their magic and crafted some of the fastest supercars. In their heyday, these cars ruled the boulevards and drag strips of this country. You know these cars well from the stories our fathers tell us. The cars featured in the old car magazines he keeps in a box down in the basement. The car he couldn’t wait to buy when he saved up enough money from working two jobs. The cars that burned up the quarter mile on weekends and commuted to work the other five. Cars that today create six figure bidding wars at auctions across the country.

Today, there are still high performance creators out there churning out muscle cars just like their predecessors from four decades ago. Modern day icons like Saleen, SLP, and Roush create cars so intimidating their predecessors from the past can seem tame. Many of these cars have horsepower that tops out well over 500 horsepower and can hit 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. Read the rest of this entry