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Tommy’s Favorite Modern Mopar Muscle Cars


Mopar Logo

My appreciation for Mopar muscle started back in the early 1970s. My parents had a blue 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury that I loved to drive when my mother would let me. When I climbed into the driver’s seat, it was a feeling that was hard to describe. You felt like you owned the road and couldn’t wait to get out on the highway. I sure miss that old car and wonder if it is still on the road somewhere. Who knows, maybe some other kid is learning to drive for the first time in that car. I hope he enjoys driving that old Plymouth as much as I did.

With the return of the Charger and the Challenger, Dodge is once again back in the muscle car business. It’s really great to walk up to a magazine stand and seeing all the monthlies featuring muscle car shootouts with Chrysler, Ford and GM. Heck, it’s almost like the 60s all over again. What an exciting time to be a muscle car fan. Here are some of my favorite Mopar muscle cars from that last few years. Read the rest of this entry