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1970 Ford Torino Cobra


Welcome to the latest edition of Muscle Car Showcase. If muscle cars are your passion, you’ll feel at home here. We look at rare, limited edition, and even a few anomalies that have significance in the muscle car world. The usual and mundane are shown the door and the fun police are sent packing. We’re here to have a good time and enjoy the ride. Let’s take a ride down Memory Lane and see what muscle car we’re going to discover today. If you’ve got some classic 8-tracks at home, bring those along for the ride.

This edition of the Muscle Car Showcase highlights the 1970 Ford Torino Cobra. For 1970, the Torino was all-new with aircraft inspired styling courtesy of Ford designer Bill Shenk. The new Torino was five inches longer and gained an inch in wheelbase when compared to the 1969 model. These changes helped open up several styling and performance possibilities. When Lee Iacocca saw the design for the 1970 model, he felt it was a big hit. Not a bad compliment coming from the man who helped bring the Mustang to life. You’ll also hear no complaints from us. This car looks great and with big block power, could stand up to the rest of the muscle machines rolling out of Detroit. Read the rest of this entry


The Year 1973


In this edition of the Muscle Car Time Machine, we turn the clock back to the year 1973. This is the year the Sears Tower opens in Chicago, Pink Floyd releases their “Dark Side of the Moon” opus, and OPEC’s oil embargo cause gas shortages in the United States. In the automotive world, General Motors introduces new Colonnade styling on their A-bodies, Chrysler’s fuselage design makes one last appearance, and it’s the final year of Ford’s first generation Mustang. 1973 is also the year all manufacturers had to install bumpers capable of withstanding crashes of 5 mph in the front and 2.5 mph in the rear. Welcome to the beginning of the Malaise Era. This is the point in history where smog and noise regulations killed the performance car and nameplates like the Pinto and Vega thrived. By now, the GTO, Charger, and Torino were merely shadows of their former selves. Read the rest of this entry